5 stupid poems

Writing FailWriter's Blockleads to pounding head on keyboardinsane debates between the voices in my headand full fetal positionyeah.....let's keep doin' that.TurtleWhat is most unfortunateis that I was not born with a shellto pull my head and body intoto hide from that which threatens me.Instead, I was born with soft skinthin in places and bruises easilymy … Continue reading 5 stupid poems

National Poetry Month – 9 and ten

NineYou had blonde hairbuck teeth with a huge gapbig round thick glasses that welfare would pay forand the development of self-consciousnessthis would not go away for decadesand leave you with self-destructive tendanciesand deep shame of simply being alivecoming from the man who abandoned youbut was never really there to begin withthe one who would fail … Continue reading National Poetry Month – 9 and ten