Jennie is an actress and writer who has a taste for great recipes, bad humor and stupid cat pictures. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest gave her a down-to-earth attitude, the ability to chop wood and light a campfire with one match, but still runs arms flailing from flying insects.

She traded the seasons for San Diego, CA and rain boots for flip-flops and a yoga mat. Her husband surfs her surfboard more than she does, but she can kill it in the kitchen with her Type-A over achieving must make everything from scratch neurosis.

More of a Mom on screen than off unless you count her cat, who makes regular appearances on her Instagram Page.  With a trust-worthy and easy-to-connect with look, she’s often appears as reporters, moms and PTA board presidents, but it was the chance to play a zombie on a film that got her into show business.

Bright and resourceful, she took her talents to make her own web series called Complex Girls about the denizens of an apartment turned condo complex in Southern California.

You can tickle your funny-bone with her on Saturday nights at Finest City Improv performing with her improv team Mutiny.


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