To Anya on her 30th birthday:Hey.You.You with the imagined big tattoo of 30 across the face.Not thrilled about being hereBelieves somehow that the tattoo is visible to alland that it perhaps means something.Comparing yourself to others who seem to be somewhere ‘better’ than where you are nowAt 30.You see, that 30, isn’t your 30.Because someone … Continue reading Poetry

Short Story "Purple Cloud" Prompts for Writers

So I subscribe to Creative Writing Prompts blog. Considering the fact that I spent the first day of 2013 watching Serenity and the Walking Dead, sci-fi was a great prompt for me today.   Hope you enjoy: She noticed a purple cloud floating toward her.  Unable to move, her heart pounding, eyes wide she knew what … Continue reading Short Story "Purple Cloud" Prompts for Writers