More on the practicing yoga on a budget….

So here's the deal,  as a teacher, I find it difficult to make my living entirely off of teaching yoga.  It's a common misconception that yoga teachers make an enormous amount of money.  Trust me, I wouldn't be waiting tables if that were the case.  I wouldn't be doing accounting jobs either.  There are times … Continue reading More on the practicing yoga on a budget….

Money isn’t the object

Get off your _____ and get on your mat!Here is a list of places, besides One Love Yoga San Diego, where you can get donation based or discounted prices on your yoga:San Diego Yoga LoftDowntown San Diego a lot of offernigs at a Donation.Red Lotus SocietyDowntown San Diego, lots of offerings, meditation, etc.Poses-Yoga, EastlakeI work … Continue reading Money isn’t the object